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Exploring The Super Patch Company: A Health and Income Guide


Ever heard of The Super Patch Company? If you’re into taking care of your well-being, then The Super Patch Company may sound familiar. This innovative company has made waves with its unique range of patches.

Each patch is designed to provide specific benefits – from better sleep to enhanced mental clarity. You’ve probably seen The Super Patch Company pop up in conversations or online searches, but what’s the real scoop?

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Discover The Super Patch Company

The wellness industry has a new star player, folks. Say hello to The Super Patch Company. This fresh face in the field made its debut with an official website launch in November 2023 and stepped into full swing by March 2023.

Unveiling The Super Patch Company’s Origins

You’re probably wondering about this company’s roots, right? Well, it all started with a partnership that soon evolved into something more – an independent entity on a mission for health-conscious solutions.

Their core tenet is that we can better our health without any intrusive treatments or substances. So they rolled up their sleeves and got down to work creating unique products called super patches – wearable items designed to enhance your life without any chemicals or invasive procedures.

Exploring The Super Patch Range of Products

If you’ve been hunting for diverse wellness options tailored to different needs and lifestyles, then you’ll love what The Super Patch Company offers. Each patch comes loaded with specific benefits aimed at enhancing quality of life; think boosted energy levels or improved sleep quality.

We’re talking eleven varieties here – each crafted based on scientific research and user feedback. Some popular picks include Energy Patches (perfect for those needing some pep during busy days) and Sleep Patches (designed specifically for individuals battling insomnia or irregular sleep patterns).

Super Patch Company

Meet the new star in wellness, The Super Patch Company. Offering unique, non-invasive health solutions like energy-boosting and sleep-improving patches. Discover more at their official site today. #HealthTech #WellnessJourney

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What is the Super Patch

Feel the difference

The effect is immediate, so you focus less on overcoming wellness and quality of life challenges and more on living a happier, healthier life.

Unraveling the Mystery of Vibrotactile Technology

If you’re scratching your head over super patches and their mysterious workings, don’t worry. Let’s figure out the enigma of these remarkable little patches and how they are transforming the healthcare sector.

Let’s delve into how these innovative little patches are revolutionizing the health industry.

1. Deciphering Super Patches

You might be wondering: What makes a super patch so…super? The answer lies within vibrotactile technology. Vibrations sent directly to your skin surface make up the vibrotactile technology which gives a super patch its ‘super’ quality.

Your body is filled with mechanoreceptors that perceive touch sensations, including those from vibrotactile stimulation. When these receptors pick up on these vibrations, they transmit this information to your brain through peripheral nerves. And voila. You feel the effects.

The beauty of this technology lies in its versatility; depending on where and how often these vibrations occur, different physiological responses can be triggered – reducing pain perception or promoting muscle relaxation are just two examples.

2. Exploring Health Benefits

The connection between vibrotactile technology and our nervous system doesn’t stop at being cool science trivia—it also opens doors to some pretty impressive health benefits.

  1. Pain management takes center stage when we talk about potential perks: Studies show that vibrational therapy can ease chronic pain conditions, offering an alternative solution without relying solely on medication.
  2. Mental well-being isn’t overlooked either—early findings suggest stress reduction capabilities and improved sleep quality thanks to the calming sensory effects provided by vibration stimulation.
  3. Athletes could also reap rewards. By incorporating specific frequencies post-workout as part of their recovery routines, they may accelerate muscle repair processes while gradually enhancing overall performance over time.

It’s important to remember that each patch utilizes “vibrotactile technology,” making these compact products capable of providing far-reaching benefits.

Key Takeaway: 

Don’t be thrown off by the high-tech jargon ‘vibrotactile technology’. It’s simply about vibrations sent to your skin, which then tickle mechanoreceptors that keep your brain in the loop. These powerful patches are more than cool science toys—they’re packed with real health perks. They can help manage pain, reduce stress, and even enhance sleep quality.

what is the Super Patch Company

Unraveling The Super Patch Product Line

Imagine a world where you can slap on a patch and voila – you’re brimming with vitality or soaking in tranquility. Welcome to the universe of the Super Patch Company, where patches like Liberty, Peace, and Sleep aren’t just names but potential gateways to well-being.

The catch? Well, none really. Deciding which one suits your needs best is considered tricky. But hey, let’s dive into that right now.

How do you use the Super Patch

Your Ticket To Freedom: The Liberty Patch

In the mix of their wide-ranging offerings sits the Liberty patch, promising a zest for life unparalleled. Imagine having a secret source of vitality stashed away in your pocket.

A pouch of 28 single-serve patches sets you back only $28 while four singles come at an even more affordable $15 price tag. It’s practically liberty from draining bank accounts too.

Watch the video below to see the Liberty Super Patch in action

Finding Serenity With The Peace Patch

Then there’s this gem – the Peace patch. For those days when inner calm seems elusive amidst the chaos around us, wouldn’t we all want some peace?

Priced similarly to its sibling – the Liberty patch – it’s either $28 for 28 pieces or $15 if you’re looking for fewer commitments (or shall we say four?). So yes, serenity doesn’t have to be expensive after all.

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These: The Sleep Patch

We saved possibly the most sought-after for last – the Sleep patch. When counting sheep fails and insomnia kicks in hard, reach out for these little sleep whisperers designed specifically to keep nocturnal wellness at heart.

If testing waters is your thing before diving deep, then go ahead and grab yourself a pouch of 4 priced at only $15.
If commitment isn’t scary anymore, then why not opt-in for value plus convenience rolled into one with a pack of 28 priced economically under a dollar per day ($0.99)?
Even better, why not hop on the Autoship bundle train? You won’t have to stress about running out.

Key Takeaway: 

Delve into the world of The Super Patch Company, where wellness is just a patch away. Their products like Liberty, Peace, and Sleep patches are not only affordable but also offer unique health benefits – be it an energy boost, inner calm or sound sleep. Whether you’re testing the waters with smaller packs or going all in with larger bundles, they’ve got you covered.

Unpacking the Compensation Plan & Associate Opportunities

Hey there, are you curious about The Super Patch Company’s compensation plan for its independent associates? You’re in luck. We’ve got all the juicy details, and we’re going to explain them so even a beginner can understand.

Retail Commissions & Recruitment Bonuses: Your First Step.

So, how does earning a cool 25% commission on retail sales sound? Pretty awesome, right? Well, that’s exactly what affiliates at The Super Patch Company get. Sell patches directly to your customers, and bam – a quarter of that sale price is yours. Simple as pie.

No hoops or hurdles here – no “sales volume requirements”. Just pure profit from your direct selling skills or existing customer base.

Moving onto recruitment bonuses. Now this is where things start getting interesting. As an affiliate, when you introduce new members into their uni-level team leg (fancy term for ‘your team’), guess what…you earn more money.

The Big Leagues: Unilevel Team Residuals & Rank-Based Bonuses

If you thought individual commissions and recruitment bonuses were exciting, then hold onto your hats because we have two more ways for you to make money with The Super Patch Company – residual income from your uni-level team leg and rank-based bonuses.

Your downline consists of everyone who’s joined under you up until eight levels deep – reflecting the eight affiliate ranks within the company. So every time someone below makes a purchase…cha-ching. More cash in your pocket without lifting another finger. All it takes is some encouragement towards growth within your network.

Besides these residuals off one’s uni-level team leg, there are also rank-based perks available.
These kick in as affiliates climb higher through different affiliate ranks. With each level comes bigger benefits, including access to something called a leadership pool which shares out extra profit among top performers monthly.

Smart marketers have many opportunities to capitalize on retail commissions, recruitment bonuses, residuals from uni-level team leg, and rank-based perks. With retail commissions, recruitment bonuses, and residuals from your uni-level team leg – not to mention rank-based perks – you’ve got plenty of chances to make a splash.

Key Takeaway: 

Explore The Super Patch Company’s compensation plan for a wealth of opportunities. Bag yourself a tidy 25% commission on retail sales, no catch. Build your team and enjoy recruitment bonuses plus ongoing income up to eight levels deep. As you rise through the affiliate ranks, you’ll unlock even more perks including entry into an exclusive leadership pool. It’s clear.

Patches: Fact or Fiction?

First off, let’s talk about how these patches claim to work. It all boils down to something called transdermal delivery systems. In plain English, that means delivering substances through your skin into your bloodstream.

A research article in the Journal of Pharmacology & Pharmaceutics shows that this method works for many medications (source). This lends some weight to what The Super Patch Company says about their product line being effective because of skin absorption.

The Scientific Effectiveness of Super Patches

  • Sleep

  • Pain

  • Balance & Stability


Improving Sleep and Quality of Life after Use of a Haptic Vibrotactile Trigger

sleep patch by super patch

What Others are Saying

I had some dental work done a week ago, I have a few fillings that have aged out and need replacing and last week I had a LARGE filling, done in the upper back area of my mouth. It wasn’t too bad ( Peace Patch alleviates my stress) but as expected, from all the awkward positioning my jawbone has been a little sore and tender. 6 years ago before I was introduced to the SuperPatch/Voxxlife products I used to pop Tylenol and Advil like smarties when I was dealing with chronic osteoarthritis and neuropathy pain. I shudder to think of the damage it was causing and I’m so grateful for how these neurotech solutions helped me get out of that mess to the point where I very RARELY take a pain med. I had applied my daily use Freedom Pain Patch on my lower leg earlier that day but have heard that applying the pain patch close to the discomfort is recommended and this pain was kind of extra and new, so I thought…..Why not❓What If….. So I reached for a patch instead of a pill, not really expecting anything to change. I was so delighted to be proven wrong!!! 🤗 I paid attention, noted the time and I swear within 10 minutes I said to myself “I think the pain is diminishing” by 15 minutes I was absolutely certain, it was gone‼️ I poked and prodded a few times in amazement and the jaw bone which had been sore to tender for a week had diminished in discomfort by at least two thirds and the “toothache” was GONE.

Candy Scott - 04/14/2023

I have been updating my hubby’s journey with Parkinson’s over the last 3 yrs and what Voxxlife products have done for him. The Freedom patch has been a lifesaving. Most with Parkinson’s have pain issues which seem to intensify due to the disease. The Freedom patch has given him a new lease in life. With all the struggles he’s has to endure this patch has given him the relief needed to go through his days with less pain. Another issue that affects those with Parkinson’s is depression, and anxiety. His days were fill worriedness that he slept his days away. It’s been weeks since wearing the Peace patch and a huge difference has occurred. His days are filled with laughter and peace. He no longer sleeps his days away. He always seems to find something to do. Our next step is to use the Flow patch which will help with cognitive decline. These patches, Liberty, Defend, Freedom and Peace have given him the wellness he needs daily to function with his Parkinson’s. I’m grateful daily for Jay and his team at Voxxlife for the development of these amazing products. Thank you. ❤️

Sue Hansen - 10/17/2022

Oh my gosh. So I cut my finger today. Everytime I touched my finger it hurt. So I put a liberty patch on and then a freedom one. It worked immediately. The last time I put on a pain patch it took 24 hours to work. I know the trick now.

Kelly Neville - 09/29/2022

My colleague was major stressed yesterday. I offered her a Peace patch. She later confided in me that she had been on antidepressants for 10 years and had never felt this type of relief. She was blown away by the results. She shared with another colleague, who then approached me for more info.

Evelyn Horlacher - 09/28/2022

Super Patch Company 


What is the science behind The Super Patch Company?

The Super Patch Company’s products utilize vibrotactile technology, interacting with the body’s nervous system to potentially offer various health benefits.

How long does a super patch last?

A single-serve Super Patch typically lasts for 24 hours. The duration can vary depending on individual usage and environmental factors.

What is a super patch?

A Super Patch is an innovative product from The Super Patch Company that claims to provide specific health benefits through vibrotactile stimulation.

How do I buy Super Patches?

To purchase or try a particular Super Patch or Super Pathes go to the Official Super Patch Company website. By doing this you will also recieve a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee! 

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